Additional Services

Additional Services. Both Keith and Michelle have been working close with the funeral industry for a number of years and are familiar with the traditional type services, we work with your funeral director to make the passing of a loved one as easy as possible and a true celebration of their lives.

Live wakes. When a person is diagnosed with a terminal disease they find that their circle of friends drop off quite considerably, this is because people have a reluctance to deal with someone else’s suffering and are afraid that they will say the wrong thing or just lose the plot while talking to them. A live wake gives an opportunity for everyone to gather in a party type environment and to talk to the person in a group conversation and makes the words come easier. Keith and Michelle have assisted in the preparation of several of these and would encourage people to call or contact us for assistance.

Funeral Celebrant. Keith (Preacher as known by many) works closely with the family and delivers an alternate service to the normal church type service, He is experienced with the grieving process and has tremendous empathy for the family of the deceased, his services have received great acclaim from all that have attended and he has many future bookings because of this.


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